06/29/2013 07:05

AMDRO(R) PowerFlex(R) Pest & Weed System

AMDRO PowerFlex Pest & Weed System

Amdro is an All-In-One pest and weed control system.  It consists of a main tank/container that you fill with regular tap water and several smaller cartridges you attached to the handheld spray gun. 


The pros - There is none of that mixing chemicals and lugging around those big sprayers.  I am not comfortable using those things or mixing chemicals.  There is also no need to wash any thing out after use.   When you are done with one job, just remove the cartridge and flush the line with the water in the tank.  It is very simple and a very manageable weight too.  It is battery operated so there is no pumping!  Thank God.  Cartrdges are capped and ready to be stored and used whenever needed.  No waste at all.


The cons - The system can be a little fussy.  After not using it for several weeks, it took quite a bit of coaxing to get it to work again.  We had to clean all the connections despite having flushed it after use.  It can drip when spraying.  You can really adjust the stream.  Some jobs call for a wide sweeping stream, some jobs call for a fine, thin, targeted stream.  You basically get one stream with this. 


The final word:  It is well priced, convenient with only a few minor flaws.  Considering  how easy it is to use and  how little waste there is,  it is definitely worth buying for your home. 

Visit the Amdro website for coupons and more information!


* This product was provided for me by BzzAgent to test and review.  The opinions here are my own.