A Posh Smack Down

04/11/2013 19:41


*** UPDATE*** Read about Jac Laurita, Chris Laurita and Joe Gorga's testimony in court.   The WienerMan didn't even show up!  After all the lies, hates, abuse and torment he has posted online, he is too cowardly to show up for court - you know - where it matters. https://www.northjersey.com/news/crime_courts/Real_Housewifes_star_alleges_Paramus_man_threatened_to_kill_her.html?mobile=1&ic=1&iphone=1



A Posh Smack Down

If you haven't done so, please first read the latest news relating to the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Click here.  Then come right back here!!  


What?  A Posh Event involving an altercation?  WHAT? I totally didn’t see that coming.  


Ok, let me try to step away from the sarcasm for just a minute. Or Not!   Let’s just explore the background here:


1. The end of Season 1 taught housewives everywhere that if you want camera time, you need to get violent.  One table flip and screaming like a wild animal in heat will get you camera time, press coverage, and the most coveted, the holy grail of housewives everywhere:  Endorsements.  


2. Every year following the year of the table flip heard ‘round the world, there has been a fight at a Posh Event. Sometimes police are called, sometimes charges are filed, etc.. One could even draw the conclusion that a Posh store owner “Kim D” is an instigator of the fights.  But how on earth would Kim benefit from an altercation happening at her event???    (Allegedly!  I am merely suggesting conclusions could be drawn)


3. Enter The WienerMan.  (He works for a hot dog stand, that is a fair nickname, right?  kinda cute )  I try to avoid his type, but even I have seen his horrible and desperate tweets.  He has made it his life’s mission to provoke, incite and cause trouble with the Real Housewives and their fans.  I am guessing here, but could he be doing it to get attention?  Perhaps compensating for something else lacking in his life?  Perhaps he want to be cast on the show?  To reap financial gain and get out from behind the wiener grill?  Is that possible???  And can we agree that he has a history of stirring things up?  A lot?  Over the course of a couple years?  Maybe he has even made untrue and defamatory statements to blogs?  Its allegedly possible, right?  I am not saying he has, I am just suggesting it is within the realm of possibility.   


It really all boils down to basic math:  Bravo tv + Cast with Crap to Sell + Kim D + A Posh Event + WienerMan with Agenda and History = PERFECT STORM FOR A SMACK DOWN.  Am I right?  


I have never been involved in a smack down.  Actually I can not think of a party that I have been to past 1989 when an altercation took place. (that altercation took place with someone who crashed a party, I didn’t see the altercation or the person who started it)   It just doesn’t happen in my circles.  I am inclined to think it doesn’t happen in your circle either.  I am tempted to draw the conclusion that this sort of stuff only happens when Bravo cameras are rolling....  Would I be wrong?  


But here’s the thing:  I am annoyed at all the resources they are wasting.  All the police and court costs are paid by  tax dollars!!  I am a taxpayer in this state!!!  Can’t we find a way for housewives  to sell crap that doesn’t have to be a burden on the taxpayers?  


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