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WEDNESDAY July 31, 2013

1:00pm EST

The MomsThoughts Show 

proudly welcomes back 

Suzanne Summers


Altruistic Beauty








Terri Ivens

"Tainted Dreams" 


Are you a long time fan of "All My Children" like me?  Do you remember the days of Fusion Cosmetics and "The Satin Slayer"?  Then you also surely remember Ms. Terri Ivens who played Simone Torres.  Since leaving "All My Children", Ms. Ivens has been busy with film and television projects. She is also about to launch her own radio show!  Ms. Ivens recently finished writing two books for a tween series too.   

AND!!  Terri Ivens just signed on to the highly anticipated new program "Tainted Dreams"!!  For more information on "Tainted Dreams", please visit the newly launched website at


Tune in July 17, 2013 at 1:00pm when Terri Ivens will join me LIVE!  Until then, be sure to follow Ms. Ivens on twitter!




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