Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

We all love to share when we have had a great experience with a product or company, right?  Let's face it, Moms trust each other.  If you would like to share an experience about a product or company, post it here!  Give it a "THUMBS UP" for a positive experience and the "THUMBS DOWN" if you had a problem.   Who knows, maybe some one can even help you resolve the situation!   We don't want to get nasty, let's just keep it helpful!  :)  

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Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

American Idol Is No Longer In It To Win It

05/04/2013 09:24
    I have to.  I have to go there.  American Idol is losing ground...people are losing interest.  The genre has become so diluted with a marketplace saturated with talent contests.  I get why American Idol has resorted to “stunt casting”.  They hire big name...

Influence Is A Two Way Street

05/04/2013 08:06
  Influenster is a program where ordinary folks review products.  You are asked to take surveys, review products, ask and answer questions, participate in social media events (like Twitter parties, which I really don't like by the way)  You are asked to share, share, share....

Omg! Insider

04/25/2013 23:29
  I HAVE to give Omg! Insider a BIG thumbs up.   The show is fun, it's a celebrity/entertainment show.  In the NYC market it is on CBS at 7pm.  But the reason they get the thumbs up from is is because they totally "get" social tv.  They have fully integrated and engaged...

Colgate Optic White

04/17/2013 16:31
  A big THUMBS UP for Colgate Optic White! I came to know about Colgate Optic White on Twitter!  Yes, Twitter.  They had a Twitter party during the Oscars and it was a lot of fun!  I was chosen as a “winner” and Colgate said they were sending me a prize!  YAY!   I...


04/17/2013 16:03
Thumbs Down for Swiffer! A couple weeks ago, Swiffer launched a program to select candidates to test their newest product.  You had to provide all your information, you had to swear to keep it secret AND you had to commit to be home the week of April 8-13 to receive the product.   As...