Welcome to my Product Review Page!  Originally, I posted all my reviews on my Tumblr Blog.  Please feel free to visit there while I am in the process of moving all my previous reviews to this new page.  Thank you!

Product Reviews

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips - Lust-Rous

06/21/2013 09:15
I get salon gel polish manicures.  My nails peel, split, crack and not only look awful but can get painful when...

"12 Beauty Products I Can't Live Without"

06/12/2013 10:11
The following article was originally published on    Wetpaint Moms is excited to welcome...

Mobile Couponing

06/08/2013 08:51
If you are anything like me, you never seem to have the right coupons for the right items at the right store.  I...

Mo Money

06/06/2013 16:24
I was recently featured in the "Mo Money" blog!  Check it out here:...


05/30/2013 10:37
  In case you missed this, I love Greek yogurt.  I am not talking about a passing fancy or a momentary...

Moms! Organize your photos with GROOVEBOOK!!

05/23/2013 08:26
****Moms**** This is a super easy way to organize all your photos!  This is a phone app that let's you upload...

Target Sample Box!

05/06/2013 20:50
  Ever want to get one of those boxes of samples you read about online?  Target has just launced their new...
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