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Belmar Pro Surf Competition

09/15/2013 19:07
Every year I go to the Belmar Pro Surf Competition.  It is not necessarily because I am a huge sports enthusiast, but as sports go, this is one of my favorites.  (I like sports that aren't violent.  Surfing, as a sport and a culture, is very peaceful, happy and fun)   I go because I love being at the beach.  I love the party atmosphere with live bands, a vendor village, restaurants, etc.  People are always fun and friendly.  Of course I have to mention the event's announcer - he is AWESOME!  The same dude has been announcing and doing all the...

Mom's Financial Worth

08/07/2013 10:41
This infographic was created by Credit Card Insider

Chord Overstreet's tribute to Cory Montieth

07/21/2013 14:27
According to Rumor Fix, "while performing at the Roxy Theater in West Hollywood on Saturday afternoon, Glee’s Chord Overstreet dedicated a song to his pal Cory Monteith — exactly a week after his death."  Many of Glee's cast and crew were in attendance.  

Twitter Reacts to Verdict

07/14/2013 10:05
(Let me preface this entry by saying, it has been less than 24 hrs since a verdict was delivered in the Trayvon Martin trial.  With time comes reflection.  My opinions are likely to evolve.  The opinions I share here are my initial reactions.  I am trying to be thoughtful and considerate.  My opinion may change in time. Thank you for respecting that)    Last night was a tough night on Twitter.  Twitter is an interesting place.  Don't get me wrong, I love Twitter!  But one encounters experiences on Twitter that you won't see on Facebook and...

Atlantic City, Harrahs, Ballys and Hotwire

07/11/2013 13:51
  Atlantic City: A Family Destination?      This is a town in trouble.  For years I have read about all the struggles of the casinos and resorts.  I have noticed in the past few years they are really trying to sell AC as a family destination.   I have come to the conclusion their troubles begin and end with an identity crisis.  Is Atlantic City a playground for adults or a family vacation destination?  I think they need to decide because trying to be both is definitely not working.     I will share with you my recent trip....

Vertical Video Ban

07/05/2013 08:16
Ban Vertical Video   Apparently, this is a "thing".  A real "thing".   And this "thing" is not limited to just video.  A couple of weeks ago I was out in New York City with my daughter.  I took a picture of her with my cell phone and recieved a lecture on the foolishness that was vertical images.  (I admit, at first I didn't even know what the hell she was talking about)  My daughter has been studying film and video for 5 years now.  She majored in video technology in her performing arts high school.  She is currently majoring in Cinema and Film at...

Good Food and Good People

05/24/2013 18:47
We are often bombarded with stories of bad people and even evil in our communities. We see the devastation and destruction of weather, the research about children being abused, gay people being the targets of hate, and the list goes on and on. That is why I felt compelled to share this little story about good people.   Last night I had two tickets to go to "Bobfest". It is a concert celebrating Bob Dylan that takes place every year on his birthday. As always, my children always get the right of first refusal when I get tickets. Since my son is the only one homenow, I asked him if he...

Mind Blown on Throw Back Thursday!

05/15/2013 21:29
  In case you missed it, there is a trend on social media to post an old picture of yourself on Thursday.  It's known as "Throw Back Thursday" #TBT.   Today I posted this picture: ( I know, the hair! OMG! Feel free to laugh :)    Out of the blue, a few hours after posting it,  a woman tweeted to me "You look familiar, did you ever hang out in Belmar?"  Belmar is a beach town here in New Jersey.  I let her know that I have always hung out in Belmar and still do now!  It's "my" beach.  She told me her parents used to own a...

Reese Witherspoon Drunk!

04/22/2013 14:29
  Everyone by now has probably read about Reese Witherspoon's unfortunate drunken run in with the law.  She was arrested for obstruction when she mouthed off to the police.   Many of you know I do not drink.  I also really don't like spending a lot of time with sloppy drunks.  That said, I am giving Reese Witherspoon a pass on this episide.  Obviously she was out celebrating with her husband and had a few too many.  It happens.  As far as we know, it doesn't happen a lot with her.  Either that, or she has an amazing publicist who has kept it all...

WetPaint Moms

04/12/2013 20:45
MomsThoughts Joins "WetPaint Moms"!!  I am excited to announce my first publication on WetPaint Moms!  WetPaint is known for their family of entertainment websites.  It's a lot of fun to be included on their new site for Moms!  I hope you will visit WetPaint Moms and check out my first contribution!   
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