07/31/2013 17:53

Product List From The MomsThoughts Show with Suzanne Summers

July 31, 2013 - As promised, here is the list of products discussed on today's MomsThoughts show!  I hope I get to try all of them! 

Listen to today's show with Suzanne Summer HERE!


1. Faceatelier www.faceatelier.com

2.Almay eye liner http://www.almay.com/products/eyes/eyeliner/liquid-eyeliner.aspx




3.Dr. Loretta's Youth Fill  www.Drloretta.com 


4. pillo1  http://www.pillo1.com/?gclid=CKCw-eel2rgCFZF7QgodNWwASA  


5. Sin Care http://sincare.com.au/


6. Dr. Moy products: http://dnaegfrenewal.com/ 


7.  Dr. Ramtin Kassir-- drkassir.com (IPL's)